Revolutionizing ancillary services with faster physician approvals and better continuity of care.

Want to drive rapid growth
for your ancillary services?


Start with unequaled physician access and a platform built for action.

With the innovative OpenMed platform, ancillary service providers (including manufacturers and labs) now have an easy way to ensure marketing-qualified patients are expeditiously moved from need to approval to completion of services that require a physician’s sign-off.

Our four-step process leverages patented technology, a proprietary network of 5.5 million providers, and logistics support—all while keeping the patient-provider relationship front and center.


At-a-glance: A complete, turnkey process

Ancillary Services support you can trust.

One-of-a-kind technology with no integration needed

Our patented, SaaS-based platform offers access to the nation’s largest network of physicians and was built with one intent: To get physicians to take action on requests. No integration is required for anyone.

Dedication to continuity of care

Our model is based on keeping patients in contact with their chosen providers—sharing requests, results and records. Strategic throughput ensures endpoints are reached. A telemedicine option is also available.

Optimal balance of automation and human intervention

Skilled teams handle patient intake and logistics as needed, while sophisticated technology does the rest. The provider experience is both simple and asynchronous.

Commitment to compliance

The OpenMed platform is powered by a best-in-class legal team, extensive documentation, continuous monitoring and integrity-focused processes, including no financial ties to telemedicine providers.

providers (including medical, dental, behavioral health) can be reached


higher conversion rates over industry average

typical ROI

More about the OpenMed platform.

Every day, the OpenMed platform is helping the industry address challenges like gaps in care, complex laboratory testing coordination, at-home care and diagnostics, and more. Notably, the OpenMed platform is the nation’s most connected platform for access to care with or without direct integration. Learn more about the organization and its other capabilities. OpenMed has been a part of Carenet Health since December 2021.

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