The right health advocacy program begins with the right partner.

Personal-level support, defined. Rich competitive advantage, established.


The perks of healthcare advocacy support are what today’s employers are asking for and what empowered consumers need to make the most informed healthcare decisions.

Carenet Health can serve as your expert guide as we work together to design a best-fit, high-touch service for your organization. We’ll help you define what your successful health plan advocacy solution should include by mapping your member journey, defining data requirements and other demands, and assessing available resources—all to truly elevate your member experience.

The result will be a solution that’s exactly what your members need … and employers want.

Examples of programs that could be included in your custom solution:

  • Welcome calls, HRAs and member onboarding
  • Care options, scheduling, coordination and follow-up support
  • Health coaching and education support
  • Outreach for high-risk/high-cost members treatment and medication adherence
  • Clinical and non-clinical decision support
  • Real-time integration with telehealth resources
  • Vendor integration with programs such as smoking cessation, dental/vision coverage, wellness rewards and weight management programs


member loyalty index achieved for one large health plan


first-contact resolution for a large health plan program



“Carenet’s willingness to innovate and challenge the status quo is enabling our collective group to interact with our patients in new ways.”


Jason Simoneau

Senior Advisor, Enterprise Product Innovation and Development

CVS Health

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Together, let’s bridge the gap between healthcare complexity and consumerism.