At Carenet Health, we speak Medicaid.

The complexity of the Medicaid population demands a specialized approach to healthcare engagement. We’ve been working with this vulnerable and often hard-to-reach population for 30 years, implementing thousands of successful programs. The result is a time-tested playbook you can count on.

Our three foundational elements of Medicaid engagement:

Timing and intelligence

Integration and consistency

Choice and tone

Healthier members, lower costs
and substantial program ROI.

Each day, we build on decades of knowledge and continuously optimize our Medicaid engagement strategies to ensure you’ll get the results you need.

Working together, we can help your plan:

  • Identify and engage with high-cost, high-need members with chronic and under-treated conditions
  • Ensure routine patient-physician interaction and relationship-building by overcoming barriers to care
  • Drive appropriate resource use to reduce unnecessary/duplicate care
  • Reduce avoidable readmissions
  • Elevate member retention to reduce coverage gaps
  • Use multiple outreach touchpoints across multiple channels, including live phone engagement, and automated (IVR) and mobile messaging
  • Leverage external data appends to overcome transient population challenges
  • Build trust from the first interaction
  • Implement an intelligent contact strategy that delivers not just contacts but successful contacts

Medicaid lives supported, across 17 states


average Medicaid member activation rate


average Medicaid member satisfaction score

Our Medicaid solutions at a glance.

Medicaid services
Medicaid Member Engagement Strategies That Work

Medicaid Member Engagement Strategies That Work

Today’s Medicaid programs and managed care organizations (MCOs) need to improve costs at the same time as they improve quality and outcomes for this vulnerable population. Yet connecting with and encouraging members to take needed health-related next steps can be...

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A new engagement approach can change Medicaid lives and your plan’s bottom line.